Freedom Radio

We have established its a kinda new type of Pirate Radio Station that supports
Free Speech

So the obvious question is why do we need Pirate Radio Again?
A pirate radio station, is essentially a radio station that broadcasts without a valid Government license.

Pirate Radio stations were popular back in the 1970’s and 80’s because the Public wanted to hear alternative Music, but the licenced commercial radio stations simply would not play, what the public wanted. So Pirate radio was born.

Today we are moving again into a similar paradigm as the public are seeking alternatives to licenced commercial radio stations as they ony seem to Promote a mainstream Global political narrative and the interest of their Commercial Sponsors who are also aligned with this Narrative, this is an alignment of various globalist interest groups inc the UN with their agenda 2030 plan as well their various offshoot and partners inc the WHO and WEF as well as many other large corporations and the International Central Bankers.

this is why we have created the new Pirate Station Freedom Radio, as we will promote voices that
are opposed to this agenda.

Our new station is run by volunteers, so if you are a freedom lover
and or content creator, then we would love to hear from you.
If you would like to partisipate at any level in our new station then we need Volunteers and Content Creators.

You can listen in live here

Or visit the Radio Staion Website here